La Cumbre near La Paz, Bolivia

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The lake just west of La Cumbre pass. Photo taken from the road, towards the north. Jon Hornbuckle.

The cushion bog which lies behind the low hills on the right a rather distance before reaching La Cumbre pass from La Paz (see the first "Side trip" in the site description). Puna Snipe Gallinago (paraguaiae) andina can be found here. Sjoerd Mayer.

Unfortunately, in 1994 some enterprising people started making turf here! I don't know how far they have progressed now, but obviously this is not a positive development for the Snipe. Sjoerd Mayer.

View to the southwest from the ridge north of La Cumbre pass. The pass is the little "gorge" near the center of the photograph, through which the road passes after climbing out of the Unduavi valley down below. La Paz City lies behind the (5000 m high!) "hills".  Sjoerd Mayer.

View east down the Unduavi valley from the ridge north of La Cumbre pass. We're standing at almost 5000 m altitude now, higher than the highest mountain in Europe! Sjoerd Mayer.

Unduavi valley just east of La Cumbre pass. The current road is seen in the middle of the photo, and unpaved predecessors are visible in the foreground and on the right bank of the stream. Also, in the foreground the almost level trajectory of a former railroad is visible (trains ran only for a short time in the 1930s, in more prosperous times). The yellow and brown colors are typical for the dry season. Short-tailed Finch Idiopsar brachyurus is occasionally seen here. Jon Hornbuckle.

Photo taken from Unduavi towards the south, with Cerro Mururata (5869 m) in the background. The road to Chulumani is visible deep down below. The old road to Chulumani is also visible: in the center of the photograph, zigzagging down from Chuspipata, where it meets the road to Coroico. Jon Hornbuckle.

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