Choquetanga valley, La Paz, Bolivia

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Sjoerd Mayer.

One of the "largest" Polylepis patches. Note how it grows on slippery boulders, which prevent cattle from eating it. The "third step" (see site description) is visible in the background. Sjoerd Mayer.

View to the south. It was in this "large" Polylepis patch that I first encountered a noisy family group of Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant Anairetes alpinus. Sjoerd Mayer.

Firewood gatherers make sure that no Polylepis tree grows higher than 1 or 1.5 meters. Sjoerd Mayer.

Looking up from the base of the boulder slope. The tallest Polylepis shrubs grow against the rocks at the top of the slope, I suspect because it takes more effort to reach them in order to convert them into firewood. Sjoerd Mayer.

Stumps of recently cut Polylepis shrubs at the base of the rock face above the boulder slope. Sjoerd Mayer.

Looking down from the top of the boulder slope, facing west. The road is seen down below, with the food stalls out of view on the left. The dark green areas on the boulder slope are patches of moss-covered Polylepis. Sjoerd Mayer.

Photo taken while standing a few meters from the start of the trail that leads up into the Choquetanga valley. Looking down the Unduavi valley with the food stalls on the right. Sjoerd Mayer.

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